Dingle and The Dingle Peninsula - Ireland's Best Foodie Town

Dingle winners of foodie town of Ireland
Dingle has barely half-a-dozen streets and 1,800 citizens - yet it is arguably the fun capital of the western world. Few towns and cities can rival it for eating and drinking, music, banter, the sea, the sand, the scenery, a certain dolphin, and the easy warmth of the welcome. Tens of thousands make the annual pilgrimage here, overflowing guesthouses, hostels, and campsites, pubs, restaurants, and shops, their mission to learn from the locals how to enjoy themselves. Most or all of them succeed - the Dingle strain of craic is highly infectious.

But Dingle is more than just merrymaking. Quieter pleasures include a number of interesting walks, a great many historical remains, especially beehive huts and ogham stones, and the gentle call of the ambient hills. Nor is Dingle devoid of gravitas. This was and is a serious market town, built upon fishing and farming. And the banks, offices, and emporia on Main Street still lend an air of stability. As elsewhere in Ireland, field sports, especially Gaelic football, are a perennial passion. The Dingle Races in August are a manifestation of Kerry's love affair with the horse. And of course there is an annual regatta.

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